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OIT Static IP Recycling Facility (SIRF) Introduced

OIT Network Systems
August 14 2007

Beginning in August 2007 and continuing through Fall 2007, OIT is introducing the Static IP Recycling Facility (SIRF).

SIRF monitors most OIT Static IP Addresses. When it detects that one of these IP addresses has not been used for a year or more, SIRF recycles the IP address. This allows OIT to re-assign the IP address to another device in the future. This helps the University preserve a supply of IP addresses.

Approximately one week before an IP address is due to be recycled, SIRF sends email to the Technical Contacts listed in the device's Host Database entry. This email reminds the customer that the IP address has not been used for a long time. It explains that the IP address may soon be recycled, if the address is not used before a particular date (the recycling day) in the near future.

Assuming the IP address remains unused prior to recycling day, SIRF recycles the IP address on (or shortly after) the recycling day. It sends email to the Technical Contacts notifying them that the IP address will be recycled. SIRF changes the device's Host Database entry to remove the OIT Static IP address, replacing the address with a new IP address on recyclenet.

For detailed information about SIRF, see OIT Static IP Recycling Facility.

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