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Host Database: Removal of Account Numbers and Financial Contacts Support

OIT Network Systems
April 8 2014
Last Updated: April 21 2014

The Host Database is being changed to remove the ACCOUNT-NUMBER field. The database's support for Financial Contacts also will be retired.

Account numbers have been required for Host Database office entries (they were not used in Dormnet subscription entries). These were used for billing the Tigernet Host Charge for office Host Database entries.

Direct billing based on Host Database information is being ended, so there is no longer a need to record an ACCOUNT-NUMBER for each office entry in the database.

The database's support for Financial Contacts is also being removed. Financial Contacts were based upon the value of the ACCOUNT-NUMBER field. In the absence of account numbers, there will no longer be any Financial Contacts associated with a Host Database entry, nor a need for them.

Normally when a Host Database entry is changed, email is sent to the entry's Technical Contacts, to those Host Database Departmental Contacts who specified they wanted such mail, and to the entry's Financial Contacts (when the change involves an ACCOUNT-NUMBER or other changes affecting the entry's Tigernet Host Charge status). For this retirement of ACCOUNT-NUMBERS, we will not send mail showing each of the 100,000+ Host Database entries being changed to remove its ACCOUNT-NUMBER field, nor will we update the entry's "Date Last Changed" field.

These changes were completed April 21 2014.

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