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Host Database 'Add New Entry' Form Now Supports Wireless

OIT Network Systems
August 21 2006

The Host Database has been enhanced to simplify registering office devices that have a wireless interface (for a wireless interface that will be used with OIT Wireless Service).

The improvement affects the Add a New Entry to the Host Database form. This form is used to add a new office entry (i.e. not a Dormnet subscription) to the Host Database.

Previously, this form did not support entry of a wireless hardware address. To register a device that has both an Ethernet and a Wireless network interface, one would first use this form to register the device, specifying only the Ethernet address. After that request was processed, one would use the Change an Entry in the Host Database form to add the Wireless interface.

This two-step process is no longer necessary; now the registration can be completed in a single step. A new WIRELESS-ADDRESS field has been added to the Add a New Entry to the Host Database form. You can specify the device's Ethernet address in the ENET-ADDRESS field, and the device's Wireless address in the new WIRELESS-ADDRESS field.

Of course, the old two-step procedure may still be used.

Detailed documentation is available for the new WIRELESS-ADDRESS field (along with the ENET-ADDRESS and ADD-ENET-ADDRESS fields).

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