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Host Database: Alias Field Manipulation Enhanced

OIT Network Systems
April 29 2011

The Host Database's ability to manipulate aliases in office entries has been enhanced.

The web forms used to add and change Host Database entries for office devices (that is, not Dormnet subscriptions) previously could be used to set or replace the Host Database entry's first alias. They did not support any other manipulation on the entry's alias(es); to perform such changes, it was necessary to send email to hostmaster@princeton.edu .

The Host Database has been enhanced; now the web forms may also be used to add additional aliases to a Host Database entry, or to remove all aliases from a Host Database entry.

Removing or renaming only a subset of the aliases in a Host Database entry while retaining other existing aliases remains an operation which cannot be performed using the web forms. To perform those operations, it is still necessary to send email to hostmaster@princeton.edu .

For detailed instructions, see Host Database Field: ALIAS, ADD-ALIAS.

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