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Host Database: Departmental Contacts Feature Added

OIT Network Systems
September 2 2003

The Princeton University Host Database has been enhanced to add a Departmental Contacts feature.

The new feature allows a University department to specify a list of people who are authorized to change and delete Host Database entries associated with that department.

Each Host Database entry's "Department" field contains a department name (if a department is responsible for the device represented by the Host Database entry). The Host Database uses this field to determine any associated Departmental Contacts, and grant them authorization to change or delete the Host Database entry.

Additionally, when a Host Database entry is successfully added, changed, or deleted, each Departmental Contact for the department name specified in the entry is optionally notified via email. Whether or not this additional mail should be sent is separately configurable for each Departmental Contact within each department.

The Departmental Contacts List displays the Departmental Contacts for all departments, and allows authorized persons to edit the list.

For detailed information about the new feature, see Departmental Contacts and Host Database.

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