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Host Database: Device Ownership Field Added

OIT Network Systems
March 12 2014

The Host Database form used to add a new (office) entry to the database has been changed to add a DEVICE-OWNERSHIP field.

This field is used in some circumstances to differentiate devices that are personally-owned from other devices.

This field is not stored in the Host Database entry. The field appears in only the "Add a New Entry to the Host Database" form for office devices. Its purpose is to help identify requests to register as office entries Dormnet-eligible customers' personally-owned devices. As such devices should, in most circumstances, be registered in the Host Database as Dormnet subscriptions rather than as office entries, the field is used to help identify such possibly-erroneous registration requests for manual review before further processing.

Identifying such possibly-erroneous registrations previously was performed by inspecting the ACCOUNT-NUMBER field for entries billed to University IDs. That approach will no longer be possible after changes are made to the Host Database in support of Princeton Prime.

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