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Host Database: Dormnet Subscriptions Enhanced to Support BRIDGE and HUB Entry-Types

OIT Network Systems
December 10 2009

The Host Database has been enhanced to simplify registration of BRIDGEs and HUBs for Dormnet subscribers.

Previously, it was not possible to register as a Dormnet subscription a device with an ENTRY-TYPE of BRIDGE or HUB. Such devices had to be registered as regular office entries in the Host Database; students who would otherwise have subscribed these devices to Dormnet instead had to register them as office entries.

The enhancement allows Dormnet-eligible students to instead register such devices as part of a Dormnet subscription. Most students will find this preferrable, as this provides a streamlined registration process.

Many students already have registered BRIDGEs or HUBs using the old approach. There is no need for them to change those Host Database entries. While they are welcome to delete those office entries and re-register them as Dormnet subscriptions, there is no need for them to do so. Leaving them registered the way they currently are registered is perfectly acceptable.

The fact that BRIDGE and HUB are valid ENTRY-TYPE values does not imply that OIT supports private bridges, repeaters, or switches; see Connecting a Private Ethernet Repeater, Bridge, or Switch to the Campus Network and Connecting a Private Wireless Access Point to the Campus Network.

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