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Host Database: Dormnet Eligibility Rule Revised To Reflect LDAP Changes as Students Graduate

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April 28 2011
Last Updated: November 2 2011

The business rule used by the Host Database to determine whether a person is eligible for Dormnet has been revised. This revision reflects changes in the way the University updates Campus Directory ("LDAP") entries for undergraduate and graduate students when these students graduate.

The previous business rule used to determine if a customer is eligible for Dormnet was:

Up until Spring 2010, when a student graduated in May/June, his or her LDAP pustatus field remained unchanged through the Summer. That provided Spring graduates with Dormnet throughout the Summer following graduation. This was useful for those Spring graduates who remained on-campus during that Summer to complete research or work for the University.

As of Spring 2010, a student's LDAP pustatus changed as soon as s/he graduated. That was part of new University procedures which require these persons' LDAP pustatus fields to change promptly upon graduation to reflect that they are no longer currently-enrolled undergraduate or graduate students.

This resulted in the loss of Dormnet eligibility for all June 2010 graduates immediately upon Commencement 2010.

To instead cause graduates to continue to receive Dormnet service for some period after they graduate, OIT has revised the business rule used to determine Dormnet eligibility.

The new business rule used to determine if a customer is eligible for Dormnet includes all the categories above, but adds several more:

Dormnet eligibility is documented in greater detail in Who is Eligible for Dormnet?.

As of November 2011, the business rule was updated again, to stop accepting LDAP pustatus values of uXX, UXX, gXX, and gXX. Those values have been retired.

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