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Host Database: IP-SUBNET-OR-ADDRESS Now Required When Adding an Entry

OIT Network Systems
July 18 2005

The Princeton University Host Database has been modified to require that the IP-SUBNET-OR-ADDRESS field be completed whenever an office entry is added to the database.

Previously, the field could be left blank to indicate that the entry should be assigned no IP address. The field may no longer be left blank. To specify that the entry should be assigned no IP address, select the new value no-ip-address.

The no-ip-address value is also available as a new choice when changing the IP-SUBNET-OR-ADDRESS field in an office entry. You may specify this value to discard the entry's existing IP address. (This feature is not available for entries that currently have more than one IP address. As in the past, to remove an IP address (other than one on wirelessnet) from an office entry with multiple IP addresses, contact hostmaster@princeton.edu .)

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