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OIT Wireless Service and TVWNA Will Be Expanded to Dormitories, Graduate College

OIT Network Systems
April 4 2005

During Summer 2005 OIT will expand OIT Wireless Service and Temporary Visitor Wireless Network Access (TVWNA) to all undergraduate dormitories and the Graduate College. (Both the new and old portions of the Graduate College are included.)

Also included will be the following Graduate College annexes: 11 Dickinson Street, 15 Dickinson Street, 16 Dickinson Street, 24 Dickinson Street, 31 Edwards Place, 35 University Place, and 45 University Place.

The Summer 2005 project does not include the following apartment buildings: Hibben Apartments, Magie Apartments, Lawrence Apartments (new and old sections), Butler Apartments, 12 Dickinson Street, and 27/29 Edwards Place. The project does not include other University rental housing.

We hope to complete this expansion project by the Fall of 2005.

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