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Campus Data Network ("Subnet") List

Note well that this document soon will retired as part of the Retirement of the Princeton University Host Database and Related Services.

This document lists Princeton University Campus Data Network ("CDN") networks that are geographic in nature; each is associated with one or more buildings. Use this document to learn which of these networks is associated with each building.

If you have a building name, and wish to learn which Campus Data Network (CDN) network(s) are associated with that building, use the Building to Network table below. Look up the building name in the first column. Read across to the second column to learn the official name of the associated network. (In some buildings, more than one network may be present. In such cases, the additional network(s) are listed on additional lines following the building name, and there is sometimes a comment in the third column to help you distinguish among the networks.)

If you have a Campus Data Network network name, and wish to learn which building(s) are associated with it, use the Network to Building table (the second table below). Look up the official subnet name in the first column. Read across to the second column to learn the building(s) associated with it. (In some buildings, more than one network may be present. In such cases, a comment appears after the name of the building to help you distinguish among the networks.)

There are a couple of technical notes at the bottom of this document.

Not listed here are:

Building to Network
Building Network Name Comment
1879 Hall ehpnet  
1901 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1903 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1915 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1927 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1937 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1938 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1939 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1967 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1976 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1981 Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Aaron Burr Hall ehpnet  
Alexander Hall musenet  
99 Alexander St. pu-dormnet-bb  
228 Alexander St. orangenet Princeton University connections  
262 Alexander St. newsouthnet  
282 Alexander St. newsouthnet  
294 Alexander St. orangenet  
306 Alexander St. orangenet most of building  
  speednet some connections  
330 Alexander St. blainenet  
350 Alexander St. blainenet  
693 Alexander St. newsouthnet  
755 Alexander St. newsouthnet  
Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment planet  
Architectural Lab signet  
Architecture gillnet  
Art Museum Storage Facility forrestalnet  
Arts Tower pressnet  
Baker Rink signet  
Bendheim Hall fishnet  
Blair Hall pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
  orangenet Rooms T3 and T5  
Bloomberg Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Boathouse gillnet  
Bobst Center musenet  
Bogle Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Bowen Hall wtfnet  
171 Broadmead St. towernet  
185 Broadmead St. castanet  
Brown Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Buyers Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Caldwell Field House signet  
Campbell Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
10 Campbelton Court puccnet  
Campus Club orangenet  
Cannon Club pu-dormnet-bb  
Cap and Gown Club pu-dormnet-bb  
Carl Icahn Laboratory castanet  
701 Carnegie Center beacon-net  
Cathedral of the Open Air Trailer puccnet  
Center for Jewish Life safetynet  
22 Chambers St. newsouthnet  
34 Chambers St. newsouthnet  
Chancellor Green musenet  
Chapel ehpnet  
Charter Club pu-dormnet-bb  
Chilled Water Plant signet  
Clapp Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Clarke Field signet press box only  
Clio Hall westnet  
Cloister Inn pu-dormnet-bb  
Co-Generation Plant signet  
Coil Assembly and Storage Building, PPPL forrestalnet  
26 College Rd. West newsouthnet  
67 College Rd. West puccnet  
63/65 College Rd. West puccnet  
Colonial Club pu-dormnet-bb  
Community Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Cordish Family Pavilion signet  
Corwin Hall safetynet  
Cottage Club pu-dormnet-bb  
Cuyler Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
DeNunzio Pool signet  
Dean Mathey Court puccnet  
Dickinson Hall ehpnet  
2 Dickinson St. pu-dormnet-bb  
11 Dickinson St. pu-dormnet-bb  
15 Dickinson St. pu-dormnet-bb  
16 Dickinson St. pu-dormnet-bb  
24 Dickinson St. pu-dormnet-bb  
Dillon Court musenet  
Dillon Gym signet  
Dod Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Dodge Osborn Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
EQuad equadnet most of building  
  eenet some Electrical Engineering connections  
East Pyne musenet  
Edwards Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
27 Edwards Pl. pu-dormnet-bb  
29 Edwards Pl. pu-dormnet-bb  
31 Edwards Pl. pu-dormnet-bb  
Elementary Particle Labs signet  
200 Elm Dr. signet most of building  
  dragonet Facilities server rack  
  speednet some connections  
29 Emmons Dr. signet  
Eno Hall gillnet  
6 Farrand Road puccnet  
Feinberg Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Fine Hall finenet  
Firestone Library libnet  
Fisher Hall fishnet the academic building on Prospect St.  
Fisher Hall/Whitman pu-dormnet-bb the dormitory in Whitman College  
FitzRandolph Observatory wtfnet  
Forbes Annex pu-dormnet-bb  
Forbes College pu-dormnet-bb nearly all connections  
  orangenet a few connections in the college office  
Forrestal Hangar forrestalnet  
151 Forrestal Rd. forrestalnet  
200 Forrestal Rd. forrestalnet  
Foulke Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Frick Laboratory swiftnet  
Friend Center equadnet  
Frist Campus Center fuzzynet  
GBM Office Trailer dragonet  
GFDL, Forrestal forrestalnet  
Gas Dynamics Lab, Forrestal forrestalnet  
Gauss Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Green Hall cogscinet most of building  
  fishnet some Woodrow Wilson School connections during 2018-2020 Robertson Hall renovation  
Guyot Hall lifenet most of building  
  mbgnet Rooms 9, 9a, 9b, B-3  
Haaga House dragonet  
Hamilton Hall pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
  orangenet offices  
Hargadon Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Henry Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
600 Hibben Magie Rd. pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
751 Hibben Magie Rd. pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
Holder Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Hoyt Laboratory towernet  
Ivy Club pu-dormnet-bb  
5 Ivy Lane safetynet  
Jadwin Gym signet  
Jadwin Hall jadwinnet most of building  
  puhepnet some Physics connections  
Joline Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Jones Hall fuzzynet  
Joseph Henry House westnet  
Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building clarinet  
9 Kimberly Court puccnet  
50 Lafayette Road West puccnet  
102-128 Lakeside Rd. pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
150 Lakeside Rd. pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
200 Lakeside Rd. pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
202-210 Lakeside Rd. pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
Laughlin Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Lauritzen Hall pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
  orangenet offices  
Lawrence Apartments pu-dormnet-bb apartments  
  orangenet offices  
351 Lemonick Court pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
Lewis Science Library hobbesnet  
Lewis Thomas Laboratory mbgnet  
Library Annex, Forrestal forrestalnet  
Little Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Lockhart Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Louis A. Simpson International Building clarinet  
Lowrie House puccnet  
MacMillan dragonet  
Maclean House westnet  
Madison Hall pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms, cluster  
  orangenet offices  
Marx Hall ehpnet  
McCarter Theater orangenet OIT-wire connections, not the private-wire ones  
McCormick Hall magnet  
McCosh Hall ehpnet  
McCosh Health Center wtfnet  
McDonnell Hall jadwinnet  
4 Mercer St. gillnet not in residential units  
Moffett Laboratory nothingbutnet  
Morrison Hall westnet  
Mudd Library wtfnet  
Murley-Pivirotto Tower pu-dormnet-bb  
Murray-Dodge Hall musenet  
195 Nassau Court puccnet  
Nassau Hall blainenet  
169 Nassau St. safetynet  
179 Nassau St. ehpnet  
183 Nassau St. ehpnet  
185 Nassau St. ehpnet  
194 Nassau St. ehpnet  
199 Nassau St. magnet  
201 Nassau St. ehpnet  
221 Nassau St. cogscinet  
272 Nassau St. puccnet  
New Graduate College pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms, cluster  
  orangenet offices  
New Lawrence Apartments pu-dormnet-bb apartments  
  orangenet offices  
New Music Building pressnet  
New South newsouthnet  
444 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 351, Washington DC puccnet  
Old Graduate College pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
  orangenet offices  
100 Overlook Center planet  
Palmer House puccnet staff offices  
  guestnet guest rooms  
Patton Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Peretsman-Scully Hall clarinet  
Peyton Hall astroturf  
Power House, Forrestal forrestalnet  
Princeton Neuroscience Institute clarinet  
Princeton Stadium signet  
Princeton Station newsouthnet  
26 Prospect Ave. fishnet  
58 Prospect Ave. ehpnet  
87 Prospect Ave. towernet  
91 Prospect Ave. musenet  
116 Prospect Ave. westnet  
120 Prospect Ave. dragonet  
Prospect House westnet  
3 Puritan Court puccnet  
Pyne Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Quadrangle Club pu-dormnet-bb  
RECAP forrestalnet  
Roberts Stadium signet  
Robertson Hall fishnet  
Rock Magnetism Laboratory orangenet  
Sayre Hall, Forrestal forrestalnet  
Scheide Caldwell House magnet  
Schultz Laboratory nothingbutnet  
Scully Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Shea Rowing Center gillnet  
Sherrerd Hall magnet  
South Baker Hall pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
  orangenet offices  
Spelman Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
1952 Stadium signet  
Stanhope Hall magnet  
151 Taylor Court pu-dormnet-bb not in residential units  
Terrace Club pu-dormnet-bb  
Tiger Inn pu-dormnet-bb  
Tower Club pu-dormnet-bb  
35 University Pl. pu-dormnet-bb  
36 University Pl. signet  
45 University Pl. pu-dormnet-bb  
48 University Pl. wtfnet  
71 University Pl. orangenet  
Walker Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Wallace Dance Building and Theater pressnet  
Wallace Hall safetynet  
Wendell Hall pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
  orangenet offices  
West Garage newsouthnet  
West Windsor Electric Substation voipnet368  
West Windsor Maintenance Yard dragonet  
West Windsor Solar Power Field dragonet  
Whig Hall westnet  
Wilcox Hall orangenet offices  
  pu-dormnet-bb dormitory rooms  
Wilf Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
41 William St. ehpnet not for Princeton University Press devices  
Witherspoon Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Woolworth Hall wtfnet  
Wright Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
Wu Hall orangenet  
Wyman House pu-dormnet-bb  
Yoseloff Hall pu-dormnet-bb  
von Neumann equadnet  

Network to Building
Network Buildings
astroturf Peyton Hall
beacon-net 701 Carnegie Center
blainenet 330 Alexander St., 350 Alexander St., Nassau Hall
castanet 185 Broadmead St., Carl Icahn Laboratory
clarinet Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building, Louis A. Simpson International Building, Peretsman-Scully Hall, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
cogscinet Green Hall (most of building), 221 Nassau St.
dragonet 200 Elm Dr. (Facilities server rack), GBM Office Trailer, Haaga House, MacMillan, 120 Prospect Ave., West Windsor Maintenance Yard, West Windsor Solar Power Field
eenet EQuad (some Electrical Engineering connections)
ehpnet 1879 Hall, Aaron Burr Hall, Chapel, Dickinson Hall, Marx Hall, McCosh Hall, 179 Nassau St., 183 Nassau St., 185 Nassau St., 194 Nassau St., 201 Nassau St., 58 Prospect Ave., 41 William St. (not for Princeton University Press devices)
equadnet EQuad (most of building), Friend Center, von Neumann
finenet Fine Hall
fishnet Bendheim Hall, Fisher Hall (the academic building on Prospect St.), Green Hall (some Woodrow Wilson School connections during 2018-2020 Robertson Hall renovation), 26 Prospect Ave., Robertson Hall
forrestalnet Art Museum Storage Facility, Coil Assembly and Storage Building-PPPL, Forrestal Hangar, 151 Forrestal Rd., 200 Forrestal Rd., GFDL-Forrestal, Gas Dynamics Lab-Forrestal, Library Annex-Forrestal, Power House-Forrestal, RECAP, Sayre Hall-Forrestal
fuzzynet Frist Campus Center, Jones Hall
gillnet Architecture, Boathouse, Eno Hall, 4 Mercer St. (not in residential units), Shea Rowing Center
guestnet Palmer House (guest rooms)
hobbesnet Lewis Science Library
jadwinnet Jadwin Hall (most of building), McDonnell Hall
libnet Firestone Library
lifenet Guyot Hall (most of building)
magnet McCormick Hall, 199 Nassau St., Scheide Caldwell House, Sherrerd Hall, Stanhope Hall
mbgnet Guyot Hall (Rooms 9, 9a, 9b, B-3), Lewis Thomas Laboratory
musenet Alexander Hall, Bobst Center, Chancellor Green, Dillon Court, East Pyne, Murray-Dodge Hall, 91 Prospect Ave.
newsouthnet 262 Alexander St., 282 Alexander St., 693 Alexander St., 755 Alexander St., 22 Chambers St., 34 Chambers St., 26 College Rd. West, New South, Princeton Station, West Garage
nothingbutnet Moffett Laboratory, Schultz Laboratory
orangenet 228 Alexander St. (Princeton University connections), 294 Alexander St., 306 Alexander St. (most of building), Blair Hall (Rooms T3 and T5), Campus Club, Forbes College (a few connections in the college office), Hamilton Hall (offices), Lauritzen Hall (offices), Lawrence Apartments (offices), Madison Hall (offices), McCarter Theater (OIT-wire connections, not the private-wire ones), New Graduate College (offices), New Lawrence Apartments (offices), Old Graduate College (offices), Rock Magnetism Laboratory, South Baker Hall (offices), 71 University Pl., Wendell Hall (offices), Wilcox Hall (offices), Wu Hall
planet Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, 100 Overlook Center
pressnet Arts Tower, New Music Building, Wallace Dance Building and Theater
pu-dormnet-bb 1901 Hall, 1903 Hall, 1915 Hall, 1927 Hall, 1937 Hall, 1938 Hall, 1939 Hall, 1967 Hall, 1976 Hall, 1981 Hall, 99 Alexander St., Blair Hall (dormitory rooms), Bloomberg Hall, Bogle Hall, Brown Hall, Buyers Hall, Campbell Hall, Cannon Club, Cap and Gown Club, Charter Club, Clapp Hall, Cloister Inn, Colonial Club, Community Hall, Cottage Club, Cuyler Hall, 2 Dickinson St., 11 Dickinson St., 15 Dickinson St., 16 Dickinson St., 24 Dickinson St., Dod Hall, Dodge Osborn Hall, Edwards Hall, 27 Edwards Pl., 29 Edwards Pl., 31 Edwards Pl., Feinberg Hall, Fisher Hall/Whitman (the dormitory in Whitman College), Forbes Annex, Forbes College (nearly all connections), Foulke Hall, Gauss Hall, Hamilton Hall (dormitory rooms), Hargadon Hall, Henry Hall, 600 Hibben Magie Rd. (not in residential units), 751 Hibben Magie Rd. (not in residential units), Holder Hall, Ivy Club, Joline Hall, 102-128 Lakeside Rd. (not in residential units), 150 Lakeside Rd. (not in residential units), 200 Lakeside Rd. (not in residential units), 202-210 Lakeside Rd. (not in residential units), Laughlin Hall, Lauritzen Hall (dormitory rooms), Lawrence Apartments (apartments), 351 Lemonick Court (not in residential units), Little Hall, Lockhart Hall, Madison Hall (dormitory rooms, cluster), Murley-Pivirotto Tower, New Graduate College (dormitory rooms, cluster), New Lawrence Apartments (apartments), Old Graduate College (dormitory rooms), Patton Hall, Pyne Hall, Quadrangle Club, Scully Hall, South Baker Hall (dormitory rooms), Spelman Hall, 151 Taylor Court (not in residential units), Terrace Club, Tiger Inn, Tower Club, 35 University Pl., 45 University Pl., Walker Hall, Wendell Hall (dormitory rooms), Wilcox Hall (dormitory rooms), Wilf Hall, Witherspoon Hall, Wright Hall, Wyman House, Yoseloff Hall
puccnet 10 Campbelton Court, Cathedral of the Open Air Trailer, 67 College Rd. West, 63/65 College Rd. West, Dean Mathey Court, 6 Farrand Road, 9 Kimberly Court, 50 Lafayette Road West, Lowrie House, 195 Nassau Court, 272 Nassau St., 444 North Capitol Street NW-Suite 351-Washington DC, Palmer House (staff offices), 3 Puritan Court
puhepnet Jadwin Hall (some Physics connections)
safetynet Center for Jewish Life, Corwin Hall, 5 Ivy Lane, 169 Nassau St., Wallace Hall
signet Architectural Lab, Baker Rink, Caldwell Field House, Chilled Water Plant, Clarke Field (press box only), Co-Generation Plant, Cordish Family Pavilion, DeNunzio Pool, Dillon Gym, Elementary Particle Labs, 200 Elm Dr. (most of building), 29 Emmons Dr., Jadwin Gym, Princeton Stadium, Roberts Stadium, 1952 Stadium, 36 University Pl.
speednet 306 Alexander St. (some connections), 200 Elm Dr. (some connections)
swiftnet Frick Laboratory
towernet 171 Broadmead St., Hoyt Laboratory, 87 Prospect Ave.
voipnet368 West Windsor Electric Substation
westnet Clio Hall, Joseph Henry House, Maclean House, Morrison Hall, 116 Prospect Ave., Prospect House, Whig Hall
wtfnet Bowen Hall, FitzRandolph Observatory, McCosh Health Center, Mudd Library, 48 University Pl., Woolworth Hall

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