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Host Database



Welcome to the Princeton University Host Database.

The Host Database has been retired. See Retirement of the Princeton University Host Database and Related Services.


About the Host Database
General information about the database.

Which Devices Must be Registered in the Host Database?
Many devices attached to the University's wired data network must be registered in this database.

Who Needs to Register a Device in the Host Database?
Who is responsible for registering each device.


Search/View the Host Database
Search for and view entries in the Host Database.

Make Changes For Office Entries (i.e. all entries except Dormnet Subscriptions)
Add, change, and delete Host Database entries (except for those entries associated with a Dormnet subscription).

Make Changes for Dormnet Subscriptions
Subscribe to Dormnet, unsubscribe from Dormnet, change a Host Database entry associated with a Dormnet subscription, or create an additional Dormnet entry.

Departmental Contacts List
View and edit the Host Database Departmental Contacts for a department.

Other Documentation

Fields in the Host Database
Detailed descriptions of most of the fields that may appear in the database.

Technical Contacts and the Web Interface to the Host Database
Information about how the Host Database uses the Technical Contacts field.

Departmental Contacts and the Host Database
Departmental Contacts are those people who have permission to change and delete existing Host Database entries, based upon the DEPARTMENT field (a Department Name) within the entries. They may also receive notification of any succesful additions, deletions, or changes to those Host Database entries.

Host Database Trusted Parties
A Host Database Trusted Party is someone who is authorized to change and delete almost any entry in the Host Database, and to edit the Departmental Contacts for any department.

How to Move a Host Alias from One Host Database Entry to Another Host Database Entry
Procedures for moving a host alias.

How to Request a Bulk Host Database Change
When you need to make the same change to many existing Host Database entries, OIT can make the change for you.

Who is Eligible for Dormnet?
This document explains exactly who is eligible for a Dormnet subscription.

Scheduling a Host Database Change For a Specific Time
How to request that a Host Database change happen at a specific time.

Programmatic Access to the Host Database via the hostExtDB Library
How to read the Host Database programmatically.


Hostmaster's PGP public key is available here. (Hostmaster's previous PGP public key was here. Here is a key transition statement.)


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