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Who is Eligible for Dormnet?

It is the University's intent that the following persons be eligible for Dormnet subscriptions:

How is this Implemented?

The Host Database determines this eligibility by looking for the customer's netid in the Campus Directory (a.k.a. "LDAP"). A University netid (referred to as a uid in LDAP) is eligible for Dormnet based upon fields in the LDAP entry:

Consistency Checks

The customer's entry in the Campus Directory (LDAP) also must meet consistency checks. Presently these checks include, for example:

What Happens When a Customer's Dormnet Eligibility Ends?

When a customer's eligibility for Dormnet ends, each of the customer's Dormnet subscriptions ends automatically.

At that time, the Host Database automatically removes each Host Database registered as a Dormnet subscription for that customer. This includes both entries that are presently-subscribed and those not presently-subscribed.

No notification is sent to the customer when this happens. This is because the information is rarely of any interest to the customer. (Many students graduate every year, and each typically has several Dormnet subscriptions. When a student graduates or otherwise leaves the University or loses his/her student status, a variety of University systems and services are updated to reflect the event. In the vast majority of cases, notifying each former student that each such University system (such as the Host Database) has been updated likely would not be helpful.

Andy other Host Database entries affiliated with that customer registered as office entries (not Dormnet subscriptions) are not removed.

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Last Updated: August 17 2017