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How to Subscribe a Wireless-Only Device to Dormnet

One of the minimum requirements for a device to be eligible for a Dormnet subscription is that the device have a 10Base-TX compatible Ethernet interface.

Some customers may wish to obtain a Dormnet subscription for a device that has a Wireless interface but no Ethernet interface.

A device lacking a 10Base-TX (or compatible) Ethernet interface doesn't meet the minimum requirements for a Dormnet subscription, therefore OIT does not provide the same level of support for the device as we do for one that meets the those minimum requirements.

As with any such device, you are still welcome to subscribe it to Dormnet. If the device functions to your satisfaction and doesn't disrupt or degrade network service, you are welcome to use it on the campus network. Be aware that OIT cannot provide assurance that the device will work properly (or that OIT will be able to make it do so) in the same way we do for devices that do meet the minimum requirements for a Dormnet subscription.

When you complete the Dormnet subscription form (that is, when you register the device in the Host Database), you will need to enter the device's hardware information differently than you would for a device that meets the minimum requirements. This is because subscribing to Dormnet always requires that you enter an Ethernet hardware address and optionally enter a Wireless hardware address. So you should choose from either of the following two approaches:

Either approach will result in a registration that allows the device's Wireless interface to use OIT Wireless Service, assuming that interface meets the requirements for OIT Wireless Service. Both approaches result in OIT providing identical service to the device; the only difference is in the nomenclature OIT will use to refer to the device's network interface. If you choose one approach and later decide you prefer the other approach, you can change the Dormnet entry in the Host Database.

Either approach above has always been acceptable. In particular, you are explicitly permitted by OIT to subscribe a wireless-only device to Dormnet in this way (keeping in mind the caveats above), even though either approach results in you entering information into the Dormnet subscription form that is not entirely accurate.

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Last Updated: February 20 2008