OIT Networking & Monitoring Services

Fields in the Host Database

This document provides detailed descriptions of most of the fields that may appear in the Princeton University Host Database.

The primary name of each field is listed first, followed by any other commonly-displayed names for the field.

Fields are listed roughly in the order they appear when viewing a Host Database entry via the Web or via hostinfo. (Fields that are not normally displayed (because they are not actually stored in the Host Database entries) are listed roughly in the order they appear in the forms used to add or change entries in the Host Database.

Dormnet subscribers normally will not need the information below; the Web forms used to subscribe to Dormnet (or to modify a Host Database entry associated with a Dormnet subscription) already contain the necessary field descriptions. Additionally, the descriptions in those Dormnet forms have been customized specifically for Dormnet subscribers, while the information below is usually geared to persons adding (or changing) a Host Database entry for an office device.

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