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Who Needs to Register a Device in the Host Database?

The Princeton University Host Database records certain information devices attached to the campus network.

Registration is required for nearly every device attached directly to OIT Ethernet or OIT Wireless service, or attached via any mechanism that bridges to OIT Ethernet service. See Which Devices Must be Registered in the Host Database?

For those devices that must be registered in the Host Database, the following sections explain who needs to register the device.

Once the device is registered, the Technical Contacts specified in the registration are responsible for keeping the Host Database entry current, updating it as necessary.

Has Someone Already Registered Your Device?

In some cases, your device may already be registered in the Host Database:

Dormnet Subscribers:

Host Database registration is accomplished by subscribing to Dormnet:

Everyone Except Dormnet Subscribers:

Checking to See if your Device Has Been Registered in the Host Database

If you are not sure whether your device is currently registered, you can View the Host Database.

If viewing the Host Database indicates that no registration information is found, your device is not registered; you will need to register it.

If viewing the Host Database locates your device, then your device is already registered. You should not attempt to re-register it.

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Last Updated: January 23 2015