OIT Network Switching and Routing

Traceroute Tool

You may use this tool to trace the current path from www.net.princeton.edu to another device on the Internet.

Please be patient while traceroute does its job... it may take a while.

Host name or IPv4 address:
Numeric-only output:

Note: Use of this tool may be monitored and logged. We may choose to make such logs public; they may include both the target of the traceroute and the IP address of the client requesting the traceroute. Your use of this tool constitutes your agreement to these conditions.

Unacceptable Use: Unacceptable use of this tool may result in this tool being made unavailable to the originating site. Unacceptable uses include:

A list of other traceroute servers is available at www.tracert.com.

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Last Updated: April 11 2003