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Wireless Networking



OIT Services

OIT Wireless Service
OIT Wireless Service provides network connectivity to wireless devices associated with Princeton University faculty, staff, and students. The service is available in nearly all University buildings on the main campus.

This document is historic; the service is being retired.

Wireless Coverage
A map published by OIT Hardware Support, showing the areas of campus where wireless services provided by OIT are presently available.

Non-OIT Services

The information below is for customers connecting their own Wireless Access Points to the campus network. OIT does not support such private wireless networks.

Connecting a Private Wireless Access Point to the Campus Network
Describes issues specific to connecting a private Wireless Access Point to the campus network. Included are caveats and a discussion of the implications of a device which acts as a bridge versus one which acts as a NAT. Also includes appropriate Host Database registration procedures for a bridge.


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