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External Customer Networks

Sometimes an external organization with a need for Internet connectivity at the University is provided with an external customer network.

One example may be a building contractor who needs Internet connectivity in one or more construction trailers.

In these circumstances, it is sometimes appropriate to treat the organization as "external" to the University. Instead of providing the organization with connections "on" the campus network, they are instead provided with connections that appear to be "external" to the campus network.

The existing physical network infrastructure on the campus may be used to provide these connections, but the connections are configured in such a way as to make them appear to be logically external to the campus network.

The service provided to the organization is roughly similar (but not identical) to what it would receive had it contracted with a commercial ISP for network service.

These connections are very different than other campus network connections OIT normally provides to University customers. You should assume that unless indicated otherwise, any documentation published by OIT regarding network service at Princeton University do not apply to these external customer network connections.

This document provides general information about external customer networks.

The document External Customer Network Assignments lists all the external customer networks, showing the IP network ranges, network masks, default routers, and to which organization each of these networks is assigned.

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