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Related Sites


Besides the OIT Network Systems web site, information related to the campus data network is also available from several other OIT sites:

The Office of Information Technology
The OIT home page, providing pointers to OIT services and the KnowledgeBase. Includes news and annoucements about current and upcoming service outages.

OIT Support and Operations Center
The SOC provides 24/7 support to the University community for campus computing and network-related problems.

OIT Desktop Support
The home page for OIT Desktop Support, the group responsible for the installation and maintenance of Princeton's physical data network and for installation and repair of computers and computer peripherals across campus. Includes pointers to the Network Atlas. The Network Atlas includes a database of all OIT Ethernet wallbox connections, drawings of the network infrastructure, and much more.

OIT Network Atlas: Find Wallboxes
This Network Atlas query will allow you to translate from an active OIT wallbox number (which it calls a "cable") to an OIT Ethernet switch port (which it calls a "port"), building, and room (which it calls a "location").

OIT Network Atlas: Find Connections By Switch
This Network Atlas query will allow you to obtain a list of all the active ports on a specific Ethernet switch (a.k.a. four-digit "switch number"), translating each to an OIT wallbox number (which it calls a "cable"), building, and room (which it calls a "location").

OIT Enterprise Infrastructure Services
The EIS group deploys and maintains information technology products and services ranging from servers and backup systems to e-mail, web, directory, database and data center services.

Princeton University Information Technology Policy
Central policies governing all uses of the University's information technology resources, published annually.

OIT IT Security
Information Technology security policies, procedural and technical guidance, tools and methods to reduce risk, and procedures for addressing issues that may arise.


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