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Network Monitoring Tools

OIT Network Switching and Routing uses a number of systems to monitor the campus data network.

We monitor the reachability of campus network components with OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution).
Access is restricted to clients on the campus network; attempting to access it from off-network will result in an error indicating the host or server is not found, or cannot be reached. Access is further restricted to selected accounts. See KB0012975: OMD - How to use Open Monitoring Distribution tool (Thruk) .

Hardware Address Last in IP ARP Data (HALIAD)
The Hardware Address Last in IP ARP Data (HALIAD) facility allows you to search recent IP ARP data collected by OIT. You may search for a hardware address to learn the most-recent date on which that address appeared.

Other Tools

Software for Network Administrators
A small collection of software developed or modified by OIT Network Switching and Routing, of possible use to other network administrators.


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