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What's New


Here are pointers to the major changes or additions to documents on the OIT Network Switching and Routing Web site.

Documents That Change Frequently

Changes to these documents are so common, they're not normally flagged each time they are changed:

Tools: Network Monitoring: Pages listing monitored ports and devices are often revised.

April 10 2024: The web-based DNS Lookup service has been retired.

April 3 2024: The web-based traceroute service has been retired.

November 28 2023: Access to Statistics data now is restricted to Web clients on campus networks (excluding "visitor/external-like" networks), or Web clients which provide a valid Princeton University netid and password.

March 2 2023: Removed Network Maps section. The content had not been updated for several years, so was no longer helpful.

April 8 2022: Internal Documents has been updated to add a link for Network Resource Assignments; access is limited.

It is OIT's authoritative source of IP address numbering (allocation) plans, MAC address numbering plans, assignment of VRRP IDs, HSRP IDs, VSS IDs, IANA enterprise numbers, Aruba VSF Domain IDs, OSPF areas, allocation of legacy CDN and VoIP networks to buildings, allocation of External Customer Networks.

It also contains the terse description (several words) for each horizonal network, the list of PU nets deployed within or outside the campus Internet border, ideas for future network names.

It also contains terse summaries of each network's specification.

July 2 2021 Retired document OIT Filters IPv6 at Selected Points. Those filters described in that document have been retired.

March 26 2021: The Rover network status monitor was retired. It was replaced with OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution). See KB0012975: OMD - How to use Open Monitoring Distribution tool (Thruk). Access to OMD is restricted.

January 1 2021: The OIT Networking and Monitoring Services group has been renamed to the OIT Network Switching and Routing group.

October 3 2019: Internal Documents has been updated to add a link for netbox; access is limited. The netbox facility now is the authoritative list of VLAN numbers and names, replacing the recently-retired internal-only document VLAN Assignments for Princeton Network Infrastructure.

May 13 2019: Announced the upcoming Retirement of Legacy OIT Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers.

May 1 2019: The document Network Time Protocol (NTP) Service on this server has been retired, and replaced with KB0011803 in Service Now.

February 14 2019 Announced the upcoming Retirement of Legacy OIT DNS Service.

February 14 2019 OIT has announced that Viewing/Searching the Host Database will be Retired.

February 14 2019 OIT has announced that Programmatic Access to Read the Host Database will be Retired.

January 12 2019 The Princeton University Host Database and Related Services will be Retired during January 25-28 2019.

These include the Host Database, Dormnet (registration of students' personally-owned devices for network service), OIT DHCP and BootP Services, OIT Static IP Service, OIT Mobile IP Service, Visitor IP (VIP) Service, OIT Static IP Recycling Facility (SIRF), the NIS ethers map, some NIS netgroups, the Host Database Departmental Contacts List, the Department Name to Department Number Table, (and the parseable text version of the same information), the Campus Data Network ("Subnet") List, the OIT VoIP Service Network ("Subnet") List, the Horizontal Network ("Subnet") List, DHCP Dynamic Lease Statistics, the Identify My Computer tool, and the Categorize IP Address tool.

January 7 2019 Announced that Computer Science host/network provisioning data no longer appended to Host Database output .

December 26 2018: OIT announced that the Host Database will no longer accept network registrations as of January 25 2019.

November 29 2018 Renamed the document OIT DNS Service to Legacy OIT DNS Service. The document has been updated to reflect that clients instead should change to use a new service (which has inherited the name OIT DNS Service). The new OIT DNS Service is described in SN@P KB0011511. OIT expects to retire Legacy OIT DNS Service at some time in 2019.

November 20 2018 Announced a Visitor IP Service Change to also Serve Registered Devices; Retirement of OIT Mobile IP Service on 'guestnet' effective December 6 2018.

November 20 2018 Temporary Visitor Wireless Network Access (TVWNA) was retired today, as OIT introduced a new visitor wireless service in its place, mentioned here.

August 10 2018 Announced the upcoming Retirement of BootP, DHCP, DNS, and NTP Services on ppnnet.

May 14 2018 Published Temporary Unregistered Dormnet (TUD) IP Address Service to be Retired June 11 2018.

January 30 2018 Retired Traffic Filters at the University's Internet Borders, replacing it with a pointer to the document SN@P KB0010862: Secure Internet Border.

August 24 2017: IP Network Ranges at Princeton University has been updated to remove globally-routable IP network range


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